iOS 6 Training

Together with Netwalk we offer a hands-on iOS 6 training, using the lastest Xcode 4.5 release. In one week you will be able to create a full iOS application ready to release in the App Store. Coding will be very important, but with a very solid theoretical foundation.

What will you learn?

Basic Module

  • This module starts with a crash course in Objective-C, the object oriented language used to write iOS applications. Topics include classes, objects, properties, messages, memory management, categories, protocols and blocks.
  • Next some background information is given on the design patterns used throughout the Cocoa Touch framework. These patterns include singletons, model-view-controller and delegates.
  • Core Foundation will also be discussed in detail. It is an essential framework to work with strings, arrays and files.

For all these topics practical examples will be worked out in Xcode.

Essentials Module

  • Organising data is very important and can be easily done with a UITableView. This is one, if not the most used control in any iOS application.
  • Next on the menu is the UINavigationController which is often used to stack views on top of each other and navigate between them.
  • No iOS application is complete without user interaction from either the virtual keyboard or gestures.

Advanced Module

This module has a wide range of topics.

  • Core Data is the best way to persist data, it is an ORM implementation that allows objects to be serialised into XML, binary or SQLite stores.
  • A key selling point for an iOS application can be a fancy user interface. This can only be achieved by using Quartz and Core Animation.
  • Apple has always put a big effort in localisation, this isn't different with iOS.
  • A good performance and small memory footprint is essential for a quality application. Apple offers Instruments to pinpoint CPU and memory issues.

Professional Module

This module covers a variety of topics

  • Using Location Services for geolocation and Core Motion for sensor integration.
  • Using Story Boards to rapidly develop user interfaces.
  • Local and Remote Push Notifications can enhance the user experience by providing instant information to the user.
  • InApp purchases and iAd are the best options to generate revenue for free applications.

What makes our approach different?

  • We offer the training in separate modules. So you can follow just one or all modules.
  • Learning by practise is still the best approach. So during the training days you will work out many examples based on a strong theoretical foundation.
  • We also offer tips and tricks for releasing an application the to App Store based on our experience with our own applications.
  • We also offer on site training from groups of 5 or more.
  • We are passionate Mac OS X developers with more then 20 years of combined experience in small to large application development.

What should you bring?

  • A Mac laptop running Mountain Lion, a good sense of humour and your passion for Apple products Smiley.
  • A few weeks before the start of the training detailed installation instruction will be mailed, including the correct versions for Xcode and iOS SDK.

What do you get?

What does it cost?

  • One module takes around 8 hours and costs €500 (VAT excluded) per attendee.
  • When booking 3 modules, you will get a reduction of €200, making a total of €1300 (VAT excluded) per attendee.
  • When booking all 4 modules, you will get a reduction of €350, making a total of €1650 (VAT excluded) per attendee.
  • For special discounts when registering with larger groups please contact us.

When and where?

The next training will be held in Antwerp on:

  • Monday 10 till Thursday 13 June 2013. (Starting around 9 a.m. and ending around 5 p.m.)

Since places are limited, subscribing early is desirable!

Who teaches?

  • Tom Nys: Founder of the Software Company Netwalk and creator of the famous iOS applications Movies HD (top 50 productivity app) and ActionNotes (featured as productivity tool of the week by Apple). Tom has more than 10 years of software development experience ranging from small utility applications to full blown client server applications. Passionate Mac and iPhone user.
  • Luc Wollants: Senior Mac developer with more than 10 years of experience on developing state of the art desktop publishing applications. Also passionate about Mac and into mobile development for both Android and iOS.

How to suscribe?

Contact us indicating which modules you want to follow, a preferred date and location. We will contact you to discuss further details.